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About Us

Since we started working with hospitals in 1991 we have always looked for innovation in order to improve the products and services we offer, and not just for innovations sake.

Starting out producing bespoke Patient Information Cards, it was clear that the hospitals wanted our services to expand to fulfil other publishing needs.

We introduced our Protocol Manuals service, producing tailored guidelines for junior doctors, to help in the training aspects of the first year students in the Emergency Department environment. We expanded this to include Induction Manuals, ENP Guidelines, Nursing Guidelines, Major Incident Plans and Health Competency Records.

In 2004 we introduced digital technology with the Pocket PC – forerunner to smart phones and also the original tablet (the Compaq CTC1000) as an additional way to distribute the guidelines in a digital format. With the advent of mature smart phone technology we are looking to develop apps and E-book versions of our guidelines. As we expanded our technical capabilities we have introduced the ultimate training aid – The Interactive Digital  Whiteboard to several hospitals.


Our latest innovation we are helping to bring to the NHS is the Virtual Nurse. These nurses work tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week giving patients advice and instructions.

Also in our communications range are our Communication Screens, giving the Trust the opportunity to spread the word on all the great work they have done, but also doubling up as a messaging service which can be utilised in emergency situations.


Completing our tailored service is our tailoring service – Scrubs and Staff Uniforms. Like all things BOE, the work wear is bespoke to your hospital needs, including Trust Logo, staff titles, individual names, as well as colour coding of the clothing.